Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Haliburton


Air conditioning is one of the creature comforts we have all come to embrace as a necessity. We all rely upon it to enjoy a good night’s sleep, offer a retail or business environment that our clients and customers deserve, and so much more. In other words, air conditioning is something we can’t live without. It is essential for our high standard of living and quality of life. So when you are in need of air conditioning repairs, scheduling an annual inspection of your AC unit or even upgrading or installing central air for the first time, contact Gravity Plumbing and Heating. We have over 15 years of air conditioning experience in Haliburton, have earned an enviable reputation, and even offer 24/7 emergency service.


Complete Central Air Conditioning Repairs in Haliburton

When you think of “plumbing and heating” you may think of pipes, faucets, toilets and sinks. Yes, as professional plumbers we offer drain cleaning and hot water tank repairs, but we also focus more these days on air conditioning repairs. That includes not only ductwork but also installing and repairing air conditioning systems. After all, a central air conditioner usually uses the fans and other parts of your furnace, and servicing furnaces is the bread and butter of many professional plumbers.

Air Conditioning installation in Haliburton

Repair Your AC Unit or Replace It?
The Choice Is Yours

Modern air conditioning units use much less energy to provide the same amount of comfort, which in the long run is great for not only your pocketbook but also for the environment. A modern AC unit can use as much as 40% less energy than those from just a generation ago, so it really is significant. When you trust the pros at Gravity Plumbing and Heating in Haliburton to diagnose what is wrong with your air conditioning unit. We can analyze whether it is better to replace or repair your AC unit and help you determine the best replacement for your needs.


Repairing Your AC Unit Could Be More Cost-efficient

Often a broken AC unit can be repaired, and in the long run, that can mean substantial savings. Besides, who knows how much more efficient AC units will be in a couple of years? It can often be cost-efficient to repair instead of replacing, and we will always be honest when informing you of your best option. And as a local air conditioning company in Haliburton, our reputation is everything, so we will never recommend replacing your AC unit when it is possible to repair the one you have.

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